Our Policies



LTD Vacation Property Group, LLC.


1. Cancellation Fee: A Reservation cancelled forty five (45) days or less prior to the date of check-in will result in the loss of the deposit. A  Reservation cancelled greater than forty five (45) days prior to check-in will incur a processing fee of $50.00. Any cancellation of seven days (7) or less prior to the date of check-in will incur a charge of the Full Rental Payment. LTD Vacation Property Group, LLC. may waive the Cancellation Fee, if a “re-booking” of an equal or greater stay is made at the time of Cancellation.

2. Policies, Guidelines, Rules, Regulations and Cautions: The “Renter” agrees to complete and sign contracts and all documents and abide by all the “Policies, Guidelines, Rules, Regulations and Cautions”. It is the “Renter’s” responsibility to ensure that all the “Occupants” are familiar with and abide by all the “Policies, Guidelines, Rules, Regulations and Cautions, during the entire rental period.   A copy of this information is contained within the information binder provided at each “Vacation Property.

3. Appliance Malfunction/General Damage: The advertised amenities are subject to change without notice.  In the event of mechanical failure and/or damaged/missing appliance of advertised amenity, LTD Vacation Property Group, LLC. will attempt to repair, replace or correct all reported mechanical failures in a timely fashion. LTD Vacation Property Group, LLC. or their Representatives will not guarantee or be obligated to repair, replace or correct any mechanical failure within the rental period or provide replacement or refunds in the event of any mechanical failure or missing amenity.

4. Financial Responsibility: The “Renter” assumes all financial responsibility for any and all damage or missing items during the rental period or for the excessive cleaning fee.

5. Check-Out Check List/Departure Instructions: Each “Vacation Property” is provided with a Check-Out Check List to assist the “Renter” in complying with the “Departure Instructions”. Prior to departing the “Vacation Property” at the end of the rental period, follow all the items listed on the “Check-Out Check List”.  If the instructions are not followed and the “Vacation Property” is found to be in an “unsatisfactory manner” an Excessive Cleaning Fee of at least $100.00 may be charged

6. Vacation Property Condition: The “Renter shall return the “Vacation Property” in the same condition as received except for “normal wear and tear”.

7. Early Departure: No Refunds will be given for early departures, including but not limited to early departures due to inclement weather.

8. Pet Policy: A maximum of two (2) dogs are permitted on the “Vacation Property” during the rental period. All dogs must be “house broken”, properly vaccinated, and of a “friendly temperament” when in contact with people other than their owner (s). The “Renter” shall be wholly responsible for any damage caused by the dog (s) including the removal of animal waste in the immediate vicinity of the “Vacation Property” A “Pet Fee” of $50.00 per dog per rental period shall be charged at the time of check-in.  Additional dogs may be considered on a case by case basis but must be approved and recorded on contract prior to rental period.  Any “undeclared” dog found to be on the “Vacation Property” the “Renter” shall be charged an “Undeclared Pet Fee” of $100.00 per dog.  All dogs must be kept on a lease at all times when outdoors and not permitted to roam free or bark excessively. Please clean up after your pets.

9. Telephone: A telephone is provided to call for emergency services. Local, 800 Numbers and incoming calls is available without charges. A list of emergency telephone numbers is provided at each “Vacation Property”.

10. Entry Gates: Please keep gates locked at all times.

11. Vehicles: Only licensed drivers may operate vehicles, properly registered and insured for “on road use”, on property owned by LTD Vacation Property Group, LLC. Due to insurance restrictions, NO “off road” vehicles (i.e. ATVs or “dirt bikes”) may be operated at any time on property owned by LTD Vacation Property Group, LLC. Please keep all vehicles on roads and in designated parking areas.

12. Garbage: All garbage must be bagged appropriately and placed in the containers provided. Any garbage or food left outside will attract bears and other wildlife.

13. Campfires: Are permitted in the outdoor “fire circles” at each cabin. Please use only “dead wood” lying about the ground. The fire must be attended at all times by one or more adults and please completely extinguish the camp fire when departing. If your fire escapes, you are liable for the costs of fighting the fire and any damage the fire may cause. Please exercise good judgment and caution at all times. During “dry seasons”, WV State Regulations may ban outside burning (campfires).

14. Swimming: Is permitted and at the discretion of the guests. No one should swim alone and all minors shall be supervised by one or more adults. Do not dive head first into any water as it can easily lead to injury or death. It is recommended to wear “water shoes” or old sneakers when swimming.

15. Young Children: Must be supervised at all times. As this is a wilderness area with a wide variety of wildlife including but not limited to black bear, coyote, bobcat and snakes

16. Respect for the Natural Surroundings: Please do not litter or destroy live trees and plants. Please do not feed bears and other wild animals.

17. Streams/Terrains: There are streams in the area and the overall depths will vary based on the amount of recent rain or melting snow. Do not let children play in or around the overflow drainage culverts for the ponds on LTD Vacation Group, LLC property.  Many areas are steep and can be slippery. Caution should be used when hiking or allowing children to play.

18. Firearms & Hunting: Hunting and the use of firearms is prohibited on property owned by LTD Vacation Property Group, LLC. Any firearms on the property shall be unloaded at all times and stored appropriately.

19. Smoking: (cigarettes & cigars) – All of the cabins are “smoke free” and if smoking outdoors, all cigarette and/or cigar butts must be disposed of properly – please do not litter or risk starting a forest fire.

20. Alcohol/Drugs: Common sense and prevailing West Virginia Law dictate the use of alcohol.  The use of all illegal drugs and substances or being under the influence of illegal drugs or substances is prohibited at all times.