Fishing at one of the ponds on LTD’s property
Fishing at one of the ponds on LTD’s property
Sign marking one of the two public parking areas along Spring Run Road in Dorcas, WV.
A section of the native trout stream, Spring Run, open to the public and only 8 miles from LTD Vacation Rental Cabins.

Fishing is permitted in the (3) ponds located within LTD’s property. Nearby South Mill Creek Lake is stocked various times each year by the State of West Virginia and there are fly fishing areas along the banks of the South Branch of the Potomac River in Smoke Hole Canyon.

Spring Run Fish Hatchery
Spring Run Fish Hatchery, Dorcas WV, is located off Spring Run Road, which is 9 miles from the LTD Property. A variety of different species of trout are raised at the hatchery for stocking various lakes and streams in Grant County and surrounding areas. The Fish Hatchery is open to the public for tours from 8:00 am to 3:00 pm each day of the week. For more information please call 301-257- 4188.

Spring Run Fishery Management Area
Spring Run is a Rainbow and Brook Trout stream open to the public and is managed by the WV. Department of Natural Resources. A “Catch and Release” fly fishing area extends a ½ mile downstream from the Spring Run Fish Hatchery for a little more than one mile. There are two marked parking areas for fly fishermen to park along Spring Run Road. The area consists of 140 acres and is bordered on the upstream and downstream sides by private property.

South Branch of the Potomac River, Smoke Hole Canyon
The section of the South Branch running thru Smoke Hole Canyon is open to “Catch and Release” fly fishing from the Rt. 220 Bridge to the Big Bend Recreation Area. The river is stocked with trout once in January, two times in February, weekly March thru May and two times in October. The entrance to the canyon is located 15 miles from the LTD Property.


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Besides the stocked ponds on the property. There are numerous fishing opportunities within reach of the property. Please review the Fishing Regulations,License & Permits information before embarking on your fishing excursion.
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