Mountain Biking

Mountain Biking
Heading out for a day of mountain bike riding on LTD Vacation property.

Enjoy our trails at Mountain Lake Retreat!

Within LTD and Mt Lake Retreat property there are numerous roads, trails and paths that can be used by mountain bikers which vary in difficulty and offer a variety of areas to test their skills or take a more leisurely ride. For the more adventurous riders, the nearby North Fork Mountain Trail offers 24 mile trail along the crest of North Fork Mountain.

Information and Links

To find a wealth of information on the North Fork Mountain Trail and many other mountain biking trails in the area check out the links below.


GRUSK or Gravel Race Up Spruce Knob
The annual epic race to the highest point in West Virginia, GRUSK or Gravel Race Up Spruce Knob is a 72 mile mountain bike race, with shorter courses as an alternative.
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